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The Symphony of a Ring: Understanding Engagement Ring Design

Like a well-written love story, an engagement ring is composed of many elements that come together to create something beautiful. 

Every engagement ring tells a tale of love, and like the finest stories, its magic lies in its individual parts as much as the whole. It all begins with the band that encircles your finger, holding within it a symphony of details that contribute to the ring’s beauty. The setting houses the showstopper – the gemstone – while minute features like prongs and halos add to its allure.

The prongs, or claws, are not just functional elements holding your precious gemstone, but they're also aesthetically vital. They can be rounded, squared, clawed or even shaped like hearts, and the number of prongs can also vary! The halo, on the other hand, is a circle of tiny gemstones that frame the central stone, making it look larger and more dazzling. Meanwhile, the shank (the body of the ring) could be simple and sophisticated with a smooth finish, or it can be adorned with intricate designs or additional diamonds for added sparkle.

The side view of your ring, or its 'profile', is another delightful chapter of your ring's tale. It may have surprise diamonds (small gems embedded in the ring's sides) or beautiful metalwork, adding a layer of surprise and delight. What's more, the diamond itself has its multiple facets, each smoothly cut surface capturing a prism of light.

Not forgetting the center stone, which could be a diamond or other gemstone, set in various styles such as the classic prong or modern tension setting. Each style will hold and highlight the stone differently, adding a unique character to the ring.

The journey of choosing an engagement ring becomes more exciting and fulfilling when you understand all these intricate aspects. At Brilliant Diamonds Fine Jewelers, we believe an educated choice is always a delightful choice. By appreciating the artistry of each component, you're one step closer to finding the ring that serenades your unique love story.


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