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Why should you see your diamond in person before you buy it?

The ability to shop from home and research your purchase online changed the way we shop. Want a new outfit? Click a few keys and it’s yours! The same goes for any item we would like to buy these days. But is it the best way to purchase your diamond? Here’s some info to help you answer that question.

But it has a Certificate!

A diamond certificate gives a basic description of the diamond quality and characteristics. Diamond grading, even from the most accurate labs, is still a subjective opinion. What this means is you could submit a diamond to the lab and get a certain grade. Then resubmit the same diamond, it goes to a different diamond grader and receives a slightly different diamond grade. This is not to say diamond certificates are inaccurate. The labs have strict guidelines into which a diamond must fall to receive a particular grade. There are diamonds that land on the higher and lower ends of each grade. Depending on the diamond grader that day, it may receive a higher or lower grade from one grader vs another.

There are some important details that a diamond certificate doesn’t specifically state. You can have two certified diamonds with the same grades on paper, but they cost thousands of dollars different. Why is that? The differences must be seen in person to fully understand.

Eye Clean or Eye Visible?

The biggest of these differences is whether the diamond is “eye clean” or not. This simply means “Can you see the flaw with a naked eye?”.  The visibility of the inclusion will be affected by its color and position, black being the easiest to see with the naked eye. A lab report won’t tell you what color the inclusion is or if its visible with the naked eye. This is very important and can affect the price greatly.

carbon inclusion

Eye visible black inclusion

diamond grading

Even though it is smaller this inclusion is still eye visible

How does it look?

Another characteristic a diamond may have is a milky or cloudy look. Diamonds sometimes have a hazy appearance to them and the certificate won’t describe that aspect. The majority of diamonds we see on the market are color graded by how much of a yellow tint the possess. Did you know they can also have a tint of brown, green or grey? They may be assigned a certain color grade for the amount of tint, but the color of the tint is not stated in the diamond certificate. The color of the tint can drastically affect the price. These are a few reasons you must always see the diamond in person before you purchase it.

Diamond color

Tints can be different colors. Brown tint vs yellow tint.

cloudy diamond

This diamond is milky or cloudy to the naked eye.

This is why you need to see your diamond in person…

These differences must be seen in person to be fully understood. Purchasing your diamond from a trusted and reputable jeweler will help you avoid these pitfalls. A trained jeweler will explain the diamond certificate to you, show you the characteristics of your diamond and tell you why there are price differences between two diamonds with similar diamond certificates.

We take pride in only selecting the highest quality diamonds for our clients. We want you to understand your purchase and know the value you are getting with your diamond purchase. We are diamond wholesalers. We manufacture the diamonds and chose only the best to stay in our store. The rest are sold to retail jewelry stores.  At Brilliant Diamonds you choose from the most beautiful diamonds available, and you will get them at the prices retail stores buy them, before they sell to the public!


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