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What does your diamond’s color grade mean?

Did you ever wonder what that letter grade your diamond has is all about? No, it didn’t fail a test. It’s where your diamond lands on the color scale.

Diamonds can come in many colors other than your popular clear or white variety. These colors can increase or decrease the price of your stone. Understanding diamonds the different colors will enable you to make an educated decision as to which one you should buy. At the end of the day it is all a matter of preference, but with knowledge comes the power to make an educated and informed decision pertaining to your next diamond purchase.

The scale that grades the color of diamonds ranges from D-Z. A diamond with the grade of D would mean it is colorless and worth more than the following letters. A diamond graded as Z would have visible color. Although colorless diamonds are preferred by some, colored diamonds are not only increasing in popularity, but also in price. The color of your next diamond is strictly up to you. Everyone has their own preference for diamond color. This can be the one time in which being unique can be a really great thing! Whether you choose a white diamond, pink or fancy yellow, it will be a forever lasting reminder of your special moment.

D-F: Absolutely colorless. This is the highest color grade and most rare.

G-J: Near to colorless. These generally appear colorless when mounted in white gold or platinum.

K-M: Diamonds in this category have a visible yellow or brownish tinge. These diamonds are not generally recommended for engagement rings and where large-sized stones are appropriate.

Watch the video to see how GIA grades a diamond!  GIA Diamond Color Grading

Grading Diamond Color

Diamond color is graded by comparing diamonds to this GIA color scale

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